Bid Writing

Bid Writing and grant applications

Writing a great bid is a synergy of story-telling and concise, factual detail. To write a compelling bid, you need to explain your project clearly and persuade the assessor of its viability and credibility. And that’s how I can add value to your bids.

As a former lawyer, I’m well-practised in reviewing (often voluminous) documentation to pick out the key points to structure your argument. I can draft a persuasive bid for you that meets the award criteria, accurately articulates your innovation and takes the assessor through the story of your business.

Fundraising appeals

Need a compelling fundraising appeal? You need a story that your reader can’t put down, told in a way that includes them in the vision. What you’re achieving with the funds will change people’s lives, but your reader needs to feel the impact of the appeal and believe that their donation will make a difference.