Blog & Case Studies

Blogs are an essential tool for businesses, especially when you’re building your online presence.

With a regular blog you can:

  • Share your expertise to build your credibility with your audience
  • Boost your SEO to get found more easily on Google
  • Build trust and create a following for your brand

I can write blogs for you which share your knowledge, and your personality. The life-cycle of a blog extends far beyond the article. An easy way to squeeze added value from your blogs is by repurposing them as social media posts, or newsletters. 

For help with a one-off, or regular blogs, please get in touch.

Case Studies

One of the best ways to showcase how you help your clients is through case studies. It’s a natural way to slot in some social proof too with a flattering testimonial highlighting what a great job you did. 

But there’s more to writing a case study than bullet-point listing what you did. You need to tell a story. And that’s my forte. I’ll write compelling case studies for you that are interesting to read, and demonstrate your expertise.

If you’d like me to write you a case study, or a series of case studies, please send me an email or book a discovery call


Newsletters keep you front of mind with your clients and remind them of the ways you add value to your clients. Sending a monthly newsletter builds rapport with your audience, and helps them to get to know you and understand your business better. It’s a friendly and informative check-in with your customer base.

Your newsletters need to be regular to get the most value from them. And for most busy business-owners, it’s the first thing to jettison from a groaning to-do list.

Get all the benefits of your newsletter without having to sit down and write it. I’ll do it for you.