Freelance copywriting for professional services

Clear communication for brighter businesses.

Clear communication is key to your brand identity. It’s not always easy to articulate your own excellence, especially in the noisy world of business.

Everybody else is shouting about how great they are. Maybe they don’t even have the expertise you do. But somehow they’re winning the awards, and presenting a captivating brand online.

I’ll help you tell the story of your business, in a way that attracts your ideal clients. You’ll receive writing that’s professional, precise and persuasive for your audience.

How can I help ?

I can write compelling content for you and clarify your tone of voice.
Here are some of the writing services I offer:

Blogs & Case Studies

Website Content

Bid Writing

Legal Copywriting

Award Submissions



I can help you with persuasive copy

Perhaps your biggest chore is :

That weekly blog to boost your SEO

Your monthly newsletter to engage your waiting list

Free up your time and simply outsource those tasks. In return, you’ll receive content that adds value to your business, while you retain the headspace for your client work and running your business.


Writing fresh content for your website convert visitors into client

Preparing articles for your industry magazine



What is a copywriter?

A copywriter helps a business to sell its products and services, by writing effective words that connect with its customers. It’s a service to fill that marketing gap while you focus on running the nuts and bolts of your business.

You may not have time, inclination or brainspace to: re-write your website, develop a strategy for regular blog posts or write engaging articles / advertorials to promote your business. That’s where a copywriter comes in.

A copywriter has the skills to build an emotional connection with your audience and increase your sales, without being pushy about it. A good copywriter can reflect your tone of voice to deliver writing that mirrors how you engage with your customers in person.

Can you do legal copywriting?


I’ve got around nine years’ experience in law. What you need for your law firm’s external communications is a former insider with the time to write.

I can help your law firm create professional marketing content, such as blogs, webpages, whitepapers, newsletters and brochures. I write professionally and clearly. I’ll avoid legalese, jargon, archaic language or baffling prepositions (therewithin, hereinunder, so-forth and henceforth).

I understand the law and how the law operates in business. I have authentic experience of the services you offer and how you might want to communicate with your clients.

I’ve worked with up-to-date technology such as Relativity, Clientspace and Solomonic and I can communicate the time-saving benefits of legal technology to your clients. I can translate your innovative efficiencies into clear messages that inspire confidence in your clients.

Why do businesses need a blog?

Blogging can help you achieve a number of objectives. A well written blog can:

  • Boost your search engine optimisation (SEO). You can be discovered more easily on Google if you have keywords in your blogs that you want your business to be found for;

  • Provide up-to-date content for your social media accounts;

  • Build rapport with your customers, as you speak to them about what’s important to your brand and your organisation;

  • Establish you / your brand as an expert in your field; and

  • Demonstrate that your business is active and current.

Blogs that perform well on search engines tend to be around 800 to 1,500 words.

What services are outside of scope?

You may need a specialist for any of the following areas, which are outside of my scope:

  • Design: I’m a writer and I have no expertise in graphic design.

  • SEO audits: I can write SEO content for you, but if you want a full diagnostic about your SEO performance and how to improve it, you’ll need someone with experience in SEO audits.

  • Website creation: I have some experience in creating basic websites but you’ll need an expert if you are looking for a professional all-singing all-dancing website.

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On the blog

Some of my Clients

"The copy Kath provided was excellent and set the right tone for my website and my brand. It was both friendly and informative."

Richard Wilcox – Richard Wilcox Financial Advisers

"I could not be more impressed. I found working with Kath easy and enjoyable. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Kath is a great copywriter who easily adapts her style. She is very organised and works to deadlines."

Yafit Davies – Your Business Development Team

"Kath works in a very professional and engaging manner which shows in the completed copy. The project was delivered on time, within budget, and importantly the text was clear and engaging"

Peter Kavanagh – Fundraising consultant, Team Kenya

"Kath is a delight to work with. She's intelligent, flexible, friendly, and applies her expertise with efficiency and skill. Her copy work and SEO optimisation work has definitely improved my website significantly."

Anna Grear, HypnoCatalyst Therapies

"Just wanted to share some comments I had from a long standing non-managed landlord of ours that is enjoying receiving these emails. He thinks they are excellent, well written and very informative – he actually thought we had signed up to a national organisation that were producing these. Thank you, as this is exactly how we wanted them to come across"

Simon Featherby – Milburys Estate Agents

" I’m really getting a lot of value from the blogs and you really take a big job off my desk"

Catherine Hyde – Hooper Hyde Solicitor

"Kath is really professional, caring and friendly. She exceeded the planned delivery date, delivering the work early which allowed for more review/feedback time - of which there was very little as the content was great. Kath's ability to take complex subject matters and create a large form piece of content in a short time-frame is fantastic. "

Richard O’Brien – Newicon

"What she can do with words is magic!"

Glenda Kinsey