What is a copywriter?

A copywriter helps a business to sell its products and services, by writing effective words that connect with its customers. It’s a service to fill that marketing gap while you focus on running the nuts and bolts of your business.

You may not have time, inclination or brainspace to: re-write your website, develop a strategy for regular blog posts or write engaging articles / advertorials to promote your business. That’s where a copywriter comes in.

A copywriter has the skills to build an emotional connection with your audience and increase your sales, without being pushy about it. A good copywriter can reflect your tone of voice to deliver writing that mirrors how you engage with your customers in person.

Can you do legal copywriting?


I’ve got around nine years’ experience in law. What you need for your law firm’s external communications is a former insider with the time to write.

I can help your law firm create professional marketing content, such as blogs, webpages, whitepapers, newsletters and brochures. I write professionally and clearly. I’ll avoid legalese, jargon, archaic language or baffling prepositions (therewithin, hereinunder, so-forth and henceforth).

I understand the law and how the law operates in business. I have authentic experience of the services you offer and how you might want to communicate with your clients.

I’ve worked with up-to-date technology such as Relativity, Clientspace and Solomonic and I can communicate the time-saving benefits of legal technology to your clients. I can translate your innovative efficiencies into clear messages that inspire confidence in your clients.

Why do businesses need a blog?

Blogging can help you achieve a number of objectives. A well written blog can:

  • Boost your search engine optimisation (SEO). You can be discovered more easily on Google if you have keywords in your blogs that you want your business to be found for;

  • Provide up-to-date content for your social media accounts;

  • Build rapport with your customers, as you speak to them about what’s important to your brand and your organisation;

  • Establish you / your brand as an expert in your field; and

  • Demonstrate that your business is active and current.

Blogs that perform well on search engines tend to be around 800 to 1,500 words.

Which services are outside of scope?

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