Become the go-to expert

Articles help you stand out as an expert in your area.

They are well-researched pieces with reasoned argument and analysis. 

Articles are formal in tone and cover technical issues such as:

  • Legal updates on recent case law
  • Comment on new policy, legislation or regulation
  • Analysis of trends in the courts

These sorts of professional articles are designed to be published in places that enhance your credibility and build your reputation as an expert in your area.

For lawyers, those places include Lexology, Law 360, or even national and local press.

Attract higher-value business

Regular articles will raise your profile as a well-informed, trustworthy expert in your area and:

  • Set you apart as the go-to advisor for your work
  • Attract cases in the practice area you want to grow
  • Raise your profile with your target clients
  • Establish yourself as a leading authority
  • Get yourself in front of clients without selling to them
  • Demonstrate your expertise while adding value to your audience

How it works

    You give me the topic or practice area, and I write you intelligent articles that you can put your name to.

    Individual articles

    You might already know that you’d like an article on a specific topic, or a particular case. For individual articles like this, I’ll do the research, and write the article for you.

    Retainer articles

    Regular articles work well for growing practice areas. If you know you want to attract more cases in shareholder disputes, or planning disputes, or discrimination cases (for example), then I keep my finger on the pulse for you.

    I check the National Archives for you on a weekly or monthly basis and suggest cases that fall within your practice area. I write a reasoned analysis of the case law, and what it will mean for your clients.


    Individual articles: £350 (you give me the topic)

    Retainer articles: £400 per article, which includes regular tracking of the case law. I come to you with ideas.

    Article length tends to be 700 – 1,000 words.

    Want to know what your return on investment will be? I’ve written a short blog to explain.

    My legal experience

    I stepped into the legal world in 2012, working at an international law firm.

    By 2015 I was a qualified shipping lawyer, navigating the knotty world of charterparty disputes, laytime and demurrage, and the LMAA rules.

    Moving back to Bristol, I moved into commercial disputes, with a little help from the White Book and Chitty. By my ‘retirement’ as a lawyer in 2021, I was 6PQE and my brain was full of new-found knowledge I never knew I’d need about pensions, compost, trains, radiators and oil pipelines.

    Why do I tell you all this? I just want you to know that I’m not writing in a vacuum. I have the background and context to get understand where new case law sits within the body of previous judicial decisions. And I know how to research legal concepts.

    I translate all that legal thought-gymnastics into communications that make sense to people that have no affinity for a carbolic smokeball, CPR 51U, or the definition of innominate terms.