Attract the clients you want to work with

Blogs are bitesize tips and advice that help you build a rapport with your clients. 

Blogs are shorter, more informal pieces than articles and you can share a little more personality in your writing. Think of them as lighter reads, that add value to your clients.

They’re published on your website and you can repurpose them for your newsletters and social media posts.

Increase your inbound inquiries

Blogs are an elegant tool for businesses who want to build their online presence. With a regular blog you can:

  • Share your expertise to build your credibility with your audience
  • Boost your SEO and get found more easily on Google
  • Build trust and create a following for your brand
  • Share your personality and attract the clients that resonate with you
  • Develop your tone of voice to build a business that reflects you authentically

How it works

A good blog adds value to your audience by addressing their pain points, or sharing information that they can use in their business. So to get an idea of the blogs that will resonate with your audience, I start with a discovery call.  Here’s the process:

Discovery call: We discuss the problems you solve and how you add value. We talk in detail about your target audience and what they’re interested in. The discovery call also gives me a chance to get to know you, and the sort of language you use.

Proposal: I put together a proposal for you with suggested blog themes and a suggested tone of voice.

Agree themes and frequency: If you’re happy with the proposal, you choose the themes you’d like me to start with and let me know how frequently you want a blog (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)

Writing: I write the blog and send it to you for review. If you have any changes, I’ll update it with your feedback.

Publish: I send it to you for publishing on your website.


Each blog: £200

Or a batch of six for £1,050

I request 50% upfront and 50% on completion of the batch.

Blogs tend to be 500 – 750 words in length.

Want to know what your return on investment will be? I’ve written a short blog to explain.