Legal Copywriting

Helping lawyers sound like humans

Many moons ago lawyers thought they had to come across as a brain-in-a-suit lawbot to rubber-stamp their credibility.

As the legal industry has evolved, people are slowly discovering that lawyers are real people too. Not only are lawyers smart, hard-working, conscientious people… Some of them even have a personality.

Connecting with your clients

You know that your clients already expect you to excel at the law. It’s not your exemplary terms and conditions that will attract more clients. They want to work with a person they trust. You can build that trust by crafting rapport through your written comms.

How do you do that? With a bit of courage and gumption. Be brave and pepper your writing with a pop of personality, and even a little playfulness and humour. It might sound scary, but presenting yourself with warmth and relatability will give your brand endearing character in a sea of sameness.

My legal copywriting services

  • Website copy
  • Articles about legal updates
  • Client stories
  • Case studies
  • Internal comms
  • Graduate literature
  • Brochures
  • LinkedIn posts

Does this sound like you?

You’re a small law firm without a dedicated comms team. You want greater visibility and recognition for what you do, but you’re too busy doing the legal work to write articles, update your website and prepare a communications strategy.

You’re a band of entrepreneurial lawyers, carving out a new way in the legal industry. You want to communicate your vision clearly and consistently in a way that attracts the clients you really want to work with.

You’re a fast-growing boutique law firm, establishing your reputation in your niche. You’re winning work from the traditional law firms because of your dynamic, fresh approach to legal services.

I can help

You can trust me to create legal articles that are legally correct, well-researched and illuminating, which don’t bore the socks off your readers.

For consistency across your communications, I can help you craft your tone of voice and apply it to your website, blogs, and marketing literature so that your brand is recognisable and relatable.

To let the world know about your excellence, you can’t simply rely on the legal press and the Legal 500 anymore. For lawyers serious about your marketing efforts, you have to delve into that terrifying world of social media. I know it makes you feel a bit nauseous.

I can write LinkedIn posts for you that add value to your clients, get you noticed in the right ways, and definitely never forces you to be “delighted to announce” anything.

My legal experience

I stepped into the legal world in 2012, working at an international law firm.

By 2015 I was a qualified shipping lawyer, navigating the knotty world of charterparty disputes, laytime and demurrage, and the LMAA rules.

Moving back to Bristol, I moved into commercial disputes, with a little help from the White Book and Chitty. By my ‘retirement’ as a lawyer in 2021, I was 6PQE and my brain was full of new-found knowledge I never knew I’d need about pensions, compost, trains, radiators and oil pipelines.

Why do I tell you all this? I just wanted you to know that I understand your world. I can help you translate all that legal thought-gymnastics into communications that make sense to people that have no affinity for a carbolic smokeball, CPR 51U, or the definition of innominate terms.