Why Clarior Copy ?

What’s in a name?

Please only delve into this page if you’re ready for an escalating crescendo into the highest echelons of nerd.

Remember that eye-roll you did at school when the class keen bean embarrassed herself with her exuberant compliance and enthusiasm for geekiness? We’re entering that realm of dorkiness.

Level 1

“Clarior” means brighter in Latin.

That’s not too geeky is it? Lots brand names derive from Latin: Volvo (I roll), Nike (technically Greek, for the Greek goddess of victory), Sony (from the Latin for sound, “sonus”), Acer (sharp), ASICS, stands for “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” which means “healthy soul in healthy body”.

“Clarior” means “brighter”. So, when you work with me you get brighter copy. Not just copy that’s clear and stands out, but copy that’s also intelligent. Playing on that homonym there.

Level 2

Word association

Being the root from which the English language evolved, Latin words lend themselves to a whole range of word association. The first English word you think of with “Clarior” is “clearer”.

Clarity is the most important element in your communications. Clear communications articulate your brand message and resonate with your reader. While I’ll add a little gumption to your copy, I’ll never sacrifice precision in your meaning.

But again, you could have guessed that. The hide-your-head-in-your-hands level of dork comes in at levels 3-6. This is where it gets exciting!

Level 3

I love Latin

I love Latin, and I wanted my brand name to reflect a bit of who I am as a person, as well as what I offer as a service.

Latin taught me all the foundations of language: meter, syntax, emphasis, grammar, mood, and vocabulary. I’ll explain to anyone who will listen how the nominative, accusative, dative, genitive and ablative work. I love the grammar rules and working out sentences flow most elegantly. My brain is happy just telling you about it right now.

Anyway, I don’t tell you that solely to plummet in your estimations of me. Classical pianists spend hours practising scales in order to be great composers. Gymnasts practise grades before the best athletes create their own skills. You have to have a firm grasp of the foundational rules before you can break them to create something new.

Level 4

My school had a school song (in Latin)

Yep. A jolly hockey sticks singalong school song, with Latin lyrics. Anybody else think that’s super cool? I do.

Level 5

I know all the words

I know every single Latin word of the song. It was never mandatory to learn the words, but if you’ve reached this far on the page, it’ll be no surprise to you that I enjoyed committing Latin words to memory.

Level 6

Sit clarior, sit dignior

Now, while very few people spent their free periods memorising the school song (shout out to Bethan who accompanied me on this noble task), most alumni will remember this short line.

That’s mainly because it precedes the most famous and raucous moment in this sing-song occasion. We sing “sit clarior, sit dignior”. Then every single person bellows… “QUOTQUOT!” and promptly descends into giggles – except for me. Of course I finished the rest of the song in word-perfect Latin.

There you go. If you made it to the end of the nerd escalator, I salute you at the top. Welcome to the shameless apex of dorkery.

It’s nice to have a friend here.