Case studies

Showcase your expertise

Prospective clients won’t always understand what you do, or how you are different to your competitors. But case studies give easy-to-understand examples of your work.  

Where confidentiality is an issue, your case studies can be anonymised and names can be changed to pseudonyms.

Attract the work you love to do

Readers love case studies because they tell your stories. They help your client see the value in what you do and the benefits you can bring to their business or situation.

Case studies:

  • Show how you solve problems
  • Explain how you do things differently and why that benefits your clients
  • Demonstrate your expertise in straightforward ways
  • Build your credibility for successful results
  • Attract more clients to your business

How it works

Case studies are real-life examples of your work. Here’s the process:

Discovery call: We the case studies you would like to include on your website and I tease out the pertinent points.

Follow-up information: If you have any documents that are relevant to the case studies, please send them to me and I’ll pull out the key information.

Writing: I write the case study and send it to you for review. If you have any changes, I’ll update it with your feedback.

Publish: I send it to you for publishing on your website


£175 for each case study,

Or £900 for a batch of six.

I request 50% upfront and 50% on completion of the batch.

Case studies tend to be 500 – 750 words