My approach to copywriting

When I’m writing your copy, I focus on four key aspects:


Is the message clear and easy to understand? I use the active voice, short sentences and absolutely no jargon.


I unpack the real benefits of your product or services. Your clients aren’t interested in buzzwords like “bespoke solutions”, or “client-focused outcomes”. We can do better than that.


The pace of your copy affects its meaning. Tension and urgency require short quick-fire words. Or you create a sense of reassurance with balanced, measured pacing. Varying your rhythm keeps the copy interesting and stops you sounding like a staccato-style robot.


Bland brands blend into the background. Adding colloquialisms, idioms, and reference to things you enjoy will inject gumption into your copy. You’re also allowing your audience to get to know you, building rapport with your ideal clients.

My legal background

I’m a qualified, non-practising solicitor and I began my professional career as a litigator in commercial law firms. If you’re curious about where I worked, you can see my full legal career history on my LinkedIn page.

I’m meticulous about language, and I have an eye for eliminating ambiguity. Having been at the coal face, I have some insight into businesses and how professional services work.

I care about client service as much as you do. I’m:


I never miss deadlines. You can rely on me to deliver your project on time.


I block out time for each project so you know exactly when I’m working on your copy.


I’ll give you a fixed price and keep you informed of my progress.

Why did I move from law to copywriting? I’ve always loved to write, I just never thought ‘writer’ was a real job.

Now I’m discovering that crafting words creatively for a living is a viable career and I’m really enjoying myself. I’m grateful for everything I learned as a lawyer but now I’m doing what I always wanted to be when I grow up.

Bristol-based copywriter

I’m Kath Hooper. I’m a born and raised Bristolian, but I spent around 10 years in Newcastle. Happy to write your copy in either accent if you’d like.

It’d be a canny job to improve the blarney of a blatherskite or to find some gert lush phrases for your services.

If you’re local, I’m happy to meet up and chat over a coffee. Just send me an email to arrange it. If you’re further afield, or simply prefer video calls, feel free to book an online discovery call. 

Why Clarior?

I’m so glad you asked!

‘Clarior’ means ‘brighter’ in Latin. When you work with me you get brighter copy. Not just copy that’s clear and stands out, but copy that’s also intelligent. It’s playing on that homonym there, as well as the word association with clarity.

If you’re brave enough to adventure into the full geeky explanation, please read the Why Clarior? page.

My Process



Send me an email with some brief detail about how you’d like me to help you.  I’m happy to meet you in person if you’re local to Bristol. I’ll ask you some questions about your business, your desired tone of voice, and what you’d like to achieve with the project.



I’ll send you a quote for the work and an idea of the timescale by which I’ll be able to get it done.


Engage writing super-powers

I’ll draft your copy.



I’ll take on board any feedback and changes you’d like to make in one round of iterations.


Final product

I’ll send you the final cut of the copy.

Your project might need the input of other professionals, such as: a graphic designer, a web developer, an SEO expert or a print company. I work with a range of freelancers and I’m happy to introduce you to other creatives to deliver the full package for you